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Skiing resort within driving distance of N.Florida

Dear all,
I am currently in Florida and would like to plan a ski trip with my partner. Flights to Vermont are around $500.00 and I can get to Vancouver for around the same price, which is too expensive. I was thinking of driving to Gatlinburg, TN or, perhaps, a resort in NC. Could someone advise on the best place within driving distance from Florida?

To give some information about my ideal requirements:

I have been skiing for 10 years and have visited both the West and East of Canada, the French Alps and I'm an advanced skiier. My partner has never skiied before, so we would like to go somewhere that has a selection expert and beginner runs (ideally...).

I don't particularly like crowds and hate the thought of waiting in a 2 hour line in order to get on the slopes.

Finally, it would be good if the resort had other things to offer, such as snow tubing, in case my partner does not like skiing. I know these are ideals, especially since the likelyhood is 100% snowmaking in the region I'm looking at. Any help/advice would much appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance,

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Welcome Simon,

Tenn and NC are about 8 hours driving time for you and their ski season is short. Get with Mortabunt, he's a little north of there and probably has better first hand info on areas worth driving to.

I can't help but promote western Canada and with the exchange rate right now, you'd be sitting pretty.

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Hah Western Canada, can't wait till tax season I might just end up going there for spring break
Yeah that's all I got
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Thanks for the reply Snobeach, I shall get in contact with Mortabunt. As for W.Canada - I agree, it is incredible. Last time I visited Mont Tremblant in the East, which was cool, but so far nothing has beat my trip many years ago to Whistler. Thanks again, Si
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driving from Florida

I don't want to sound like a snob, but there is little if any worthwhile skiing unless you get on a plane. As you know as an experienced skier, the smaller places, often overrun with beginners, are the worst places to learn; sometimes the biggest resorts have the most welcoming beginner terrain, and the best instructors. Spend the money, you won't regret it.
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Driving distance from FL is a tough one. I would go with NC.

Love to ski at pocono resorts.
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