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Sugarbush Planning Massive Expansion?

I have wondered whether or not my favorite resort (Sugarbush, VT) was planning any significant changes for a while now since ownership changed in 2001. I know that they are locked in tightly by local politics and the US forest service.

However, I recently came across a vegetation management plan prepared for Sugarbush in November of 2008, in which several plans are highlighted for major expansions, all of which were approved by this report. I have posted the link below, and pay special attention to the last 8-10 pages, which show the potential expansion areas (both at South and North ski areas). The expansion plans at Lincoln Peak seem to have been fully approved by this report (in regard to vegetation). Tell me what you think...

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I haven't heard anything, but even if something is planned it is unlikely they would start anything until the economy starts humming

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Well they /are/ cutting seven new gladed areas for this season. They were approved for 70 new gladed acres over this summer. All of these areas are consistent with the plans in this document. I can post the link to the new glades map if wanted.
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