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Volunteering at a ski resort

Ive been backpacking since June in South America. Ive reached Panama and Ive hit a 5 month travel limit, now Id just like a change.

If I spent 3 month snowboarding, money would be the biggest killer. Especially lift passes. I could get around accommodation hopefully by volunteering in hostels in a ski resort for 4-6 hours a day. Maybe they could throw in a lift pass too?

Does this sound reasonable? I dont know about the volunteering scene in ski resorts. Im expecting to make beds/clean/reception etc. Id most likely buy 2nd hand boarding equipment. Ive been looking at some quieter resorts, Montana's Bridger Bowl interests me. I'd just like to ask the forum before I start emailing a crazy amount of hostels in any ski resort.

Im grateful for any advice. Thanks

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Whereare you looking?
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