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i like sushi
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NISEKO!! ye ha

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Flagstaff Ski Haus
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Gotta love 'em all, Arizona Snowbowls my home court though!

I'd highly recommend skiing in New Zealand if one gets the chance. Europes incredible, Canada likewise, ditto for Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming....I love just about all of them. If you are ever in Arizona come check out Flagstaff & the Arizona Snowbowl. It's a great town, very fun and the mountain is installing fake snow making & upgrading the lifts and runs so things are going to be a blast shortly. It's a couple of hours from Vegas and a couple of hours from Phoenix so it's a nice area to shred. For additional info check out the Snowbowl website or the link below. Bring this post in and I'll give you 20% off the cost of setting you up with gear if you need it. I love seeing new enthusiasts in our area, come check us out sometime. Look up Flagstaff Ski Haus online and bring this in and we'll set you up.

Agassiz Ski Haus
801 North Humphrey's
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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Discounts Snowsuit
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I love new zealand
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Europe and US

I skied many of the top resorts in Europe and most of the top resorts in the USA both East coast and west coast. If you get old enough you can do that.

Anyway, in Europe I would have to say that Chamonix offers great terrain if you like expert skiing. But it also has great intermidiate slopes. Also, skiing the galcier is something you will never forget (go with a guide). The town is cozy and fun.

Val D'Isere and Zermatt are also favorites with great variety of terrain. Zermatt is such a charming town (no cars) and great open skiing, much above the tree line. Going over to the other side to Italy is great fun (have lunch then head back).

The snow out west in the US is more consistent than in Europe in my opinion. I've been in Europe in February where it has rained at 10,000 ft. Snowbird and Alta have some of the best powder terrain I've ever skied. I love the back bowls of Vail and Aspen has such variety with 4 mountains it's almost impossible to ski it all. Aspen's town is great fun.

Taos NM has some of the best expert slopes I've ever been on, but the town is pretty boring in my opinion. Taos has lots of art galleries (and I love art), but I was pretty bored in the evenings. Go to ski and leave it all on the slopes.

Mammoth Lakes has great variety and lots of powder but is hard to get there unless you live in CA. Flying to Reno and driving seems the best option. The town is fun and lots of good places to eat.

Happy hunting![/QUOTE]
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Ski Condo Rentals
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Ski Park City Utah - we have three resorts within a five mile radius.
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Hi newbie here.

Best resorts I've been to in USA is Jackson Hole and in Europe is Chamonix. Neither are good for beginers but if you're a decent skier and want lift accessed off piste both are good. I'm too old for them both now but 10 years ago I'd have chosen them. In my opinion the USA can get drier powder for longer but the European resorts are much more free with where you can go and cover huge areas unlike the US resorts which seemed quite small to me. Chamonix is too big for a week, you need 4 weeks minimum to get the best of it.

The European resorts are better for nightlife by miles especially Austria, French resorts can be quieter. That's because everyone stays in the resort. In the US it seems more normal for people to drive to the skiing then drive away at the end of each day. Utah is very much like that.

I agree Austria is good, St Anton and Saalbach are great fun. Saalbach is the best for mountain food and beer! The mountain huts are gorgeous.

I like skiing trees better than anything and USA is better for that as the tree line goes higher in the Rockies than the Alps and the forests are more open. Alps are better for extreme steeps and couloirs etc.

Hard to say which is better, If you're doing a season head to one of the big 4 Alpines - Chamonix, Verbier, Val dIsere or 3 Valleys.
However if I only had 2 weeks I'd want to go to Colorado.

Bit of a ramble...sorry.
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I Like Ice
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There is no single best resort. Every ski area has it's pros and cons. The best ski area is the place that you are at or the next place you are going, otherwise you wouldn't be there or going there.
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Ski Resort Weekly
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Follow My Blog!

Every week, I visit and review a different ski area. Please visit my blog, it SkiResortWeekly on blogspot to read the reviews! It will be appreciated if you follow it!
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Ski Resort Weekly
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Ski Resort Weekly

Every week, I visit and review a different ski area. Read my blog to look at my reviews: http://skiresortweekly.blogspot.com/ It will be very appreciated if you follow my blog!
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I love Verbier in Switzerland.
Total Ski
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There are just too many to name.
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ski organizers
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Colorado is one of the best known for skiing resort. But there should be different places that could also offer great experience for skiing.
Ski Organizers
Tuors De Sport
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Seki Onsen Japan and Crested Butte!
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I tested several ski resorts in the world and my favorite European resort is definitely Alpe d'Huez in France. A great ski area, plenty of sunshine, a wide range of accommodation in Alpe d'Huez and nearby stations (in the same domain) where the mountain authenticity is preserved. A true paradise of skiing. If you want to discover this destination, you can check this site: alpedhuez-granddomaine-ski.com/eng.html
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Yeaaah Alpe d'Huez the best french ski resort !!

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