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Where is Park City ?

You will have to excuse my ingorance, but where is
Park City ??

The name just sounds so dam cool, I've gotta go & check this joint out.
I realize that it must be statside, so if someone can help a poor Aussie out with his sense of directions, will be most gratefull.
And what is it like as a ski resort ?


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Thanks suryaworldedu,
Now all I gotta do is save the bread (or find some rich Honey) to get over there, umm........... better buy another lottery ticket !


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Whenever I hear Park City, Sundance ski resort would come to my mind.

I was merely a beginner when I first stepped on Sundance ski resort which is great because the mountain has a lot of terrains where I've practiced for more than 4 hours.

Now, I'm targeting Far East which is the steepest terrain.

At the bottom of the Bishop Bowl there's a half pipe called Pipeline which would test your skiing tricks.

I also enjoyed night skiing which starts at 4:30pm till 9pm. The terrains literally glows in the middle of nowhere.

For complete info about Sundance, I would recommend reading this comprehensive ski resort: http://www.mountainyahoos.com/SkiRes...ndance-UT.html

Enjoy skiing!
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Hi the Parkcity is in Utah state,USA.For more details just visit website of Parkcitypassport.I think this is very helpful for you in detail.
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