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What's Whistler like?

Has anyone here been to Whistler in BC, Canada?

~ Ski Lover
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Hi Ski Lover - I've merged your question with this topic all about Whistler, check it out

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Vancouver to Whistler generally takes 2 hours as a rule of thumb, can be shorter. The highway is getting upgraded at the moment so it can take even longer. Once it is finished (before the Olympics) it will take a lot less time, its only around 120klms I think, so it may be possible to do the trip in an hour??
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I've never been to France, but Whistler was such a great experience!
I fully recomend it, the first time I went to Whistler was because of the olympics, they had cross country there http://www.olympic.org/cross-country-skiing-30km-women
and I fell in love with the place, I decided to try skiing and It was awesome.

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