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Whistler vs. Snowbird in April?

I'm planning a trip for my 50th birthday in April. I plan to heli on the big day but will be staying in a resort with my family. Both Whistler and SB have local heli operations operating into April. I know there is alot more to do off mountain in Whistler (not hard to top Alta / SB in that department!) I'd love to experience Whistler (been to Utah several times) but I'm concerned about the weather in BC in April.
What should I expect weatherwise (and snowwise) at Whistler in mid April?



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April in Whistler can be very variable..... anything from cold and powder to sunny, hot and slushy snow. I write a blog website about the snow conditions, you can see what I said about it last year. Whistler snow conditions April 2008
The last few seasons Whistler has averaged around 1 metre of snow during April - mostly heavy snow though at that time of year. When the weather is sunny, the snow is bulletproof in the morning, but gets nice and slushy fun by around midday.
April is when the Ski and Snowboard festival is on - lots of excitement and activities to see and do then. This season it will be on from April 17 - 26.
The heli-skiing operated by the ski resort ends on April 26 2009, not sure about the others in town. There is lots of great terrain accessible by the heli-tours, so I'm sure you will have a blast. So have a awesome birthday whatever you do!
Hope this helps...

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Thanks WBSR,

I decided to go to Utah. I think the conditions at Alta/Snowbird will be less dicey and we plan to spend a few days around
Moab mountain biking and at the national parks. I'll plan to hit Whistler earlier in the season.

Let it snow!

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hey there I'm 25 years old and i'm a high school teacher from new jersey, I'm going to salt lake city this winter. Being from New Jersey, young(= on a budget) and with a restricted schedule Dec26-jan2nd (because of work) I can't find anyone to come with me, so if you want to ski those dates and want to share the expenses of a hotel room and a car let me know, also welcome are questions and suggestions
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You should look into a "dorm" room at Goldminers Daughter @ Alta. Best skiing with cheapest lodging in Utah. Take a shuttle so you don't need the car. You'll be too tired to care about your roommates!
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