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medow006 06-09-08 02:15 PM

Need some new gear? Help.
Hey everyone. I hope you all get to make it out this winter, if not more than once! I'm going to Winter Park and/or Big Sky, myself :)

Need new gear? Looking for your first setup? Buying from the manufacturers can be pricey...often $500-$1500!! But check this out...

Slope Force is a new skiing enthusiast social community that is looking for people to help with the beta testing. If you help them out, they have some free stuff for you like t-shirts and/or a brand-name skiing setup!

Click the link above or visit . If you have questions you can email me at

Otherwise, what do you all use? How do you like it?

ISOtuxraceINC 29-09-08 11:55 PM

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