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powder 10-04-08 04:15 PM

Steep the movie - your thoughts?
OMG....i justed watch Steep. This has to be the most amazing Skiing docu I have ever seen. Maybe its the fact that its in HD I dunno I'm sure that helps, but even with out the crystal clear picture this thing is gorgeous. Those guys get major respect from much freedom. They're literally living on the precipice, watching this just gave me the chills. Funny thing is that i wasnt even planning on watching the whole thing but have since seen in 3x in the course of ....maybe a week, week an a half. Check it out for yourself. I'm throwin in a link to the trailer I found on Youtube but if you get a chance you have to, emphasis on HAVE to see this in high definition.

danger 11-04-08 12:27 PM

i actually the thought it was a waste of the cost of the ticket. the skiing left much to be desired. in the early parts, it wasnt fun to watch at all. just poleturn stop. poleturn stop. it didnt even show shane mcconkey or ingrid backstroms best skiing. ill just say i was not impressed. wouldnt reccomend

powder 11-04-08 03:55 PM

Yeah, I probably should have taken into account as well as mentioned that I'm not a skier at all. But none the less the aesthetics of the cinematography were bar none in my opinion and I watch alot of stuff on my 52. Its very easy to become vicariously absorbed in this film and experience the "rush" to some extent that comes from life on the edge. That was the basic draw for me but perhaps I'd feel different if I were more technically conditioned, but I'm not so from where I stood it was nothing short of mind blowing!!!

danger 12-04-08 01:21 AM

if you thought steep was amazing........

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