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bagginzy 12-12-08 06:02 AM

I have been going skiing for about 8 years just two times a year with my school... I am pretty good but I still mess up a bit and I need some tips. For instance when I do turns I tend to do them kinda slow and I never do them fast and when I turn I don't keep my skis together so the outer one goes almost noobish-pizza-like away while the inward ski turns! Please I need help please.:(

ski4life 12-12-08 01:39 PM

hey! so you need help with turning? alright so try just leaning into the turn. Put your weight on the downhill ski. The best think to do is just to practice as much as you can. if you have aim my aim is bacpacker8 and i can explain it better to you!, cya!

bagginzy 19-12-08 11:21 PM

thank you! :)

ski4life 21-12-08 07:39 PM

no problem, just keep workin at it you will get better :)

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