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sharpstone 21-12-08 03:10 AM

Getting back on the slopes
i've been skiing since im very young, i was enrolled in a ski school and all that stuff, and i was pretty good. when i got older i switched to snowboarding, wasnt as good with that. but highschool sports soon took over my life and never had the time to do anything during the season. Anyone ever had to give up skiing for a while? Also, how easy was it for you once you got back on the skis. Im expecting to be pretty rusty, but hopefully it wont be too bad.

Plooka 31-12-08 01:01 AM

I think you will surprise yourself how easy it is to pick back up! The main stumbling block when learning to ski is being frightened of the slopes!

If you have an idea of parallel turns, the gradient etc I bet after the first day your on blues and reds and rekindled the love affair - good luck!

yarddog313 03-01-09 06:47 PM

I took ten years off after a freak accident, but got back on the slopes last season. The first month or so sucked since I spent more time flailing through the air than I did on my skis. After that though I was back on black diamonds and able to keep up with my friends that rock the mtn every day. My biggest thing to overcome wasn't the turns or anything like that, though technically I sucked, it was mostly getting over the slopes and the headwalls. It took me about ten seconds back on the mountain to get me addicted again and I bought a pass on my way out that afternoon.

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