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bretthuc 26-12-08 09:06 AM

Buying my first pair
Hey guys, new to the site and I'm looking for some advice on buying my first pair of skis. I rode a lot when I was young and have generally only gone on one or two trips a year for the last few years and never thought it was worthwhile buying a pair until a friend suggested I checked out the prices online.

I ride a lot of different hills in B.C. Canada and cover as much of the hill as possible; groomed, go searching for powder and cutting fresh trails even a little park and pipe when they aren't too busy. I'm and advanced rider everywhere but the park (but I want to learn).

Whatever I'm riding I hit it hard and aggressive, I'm not looking for a ski that will be forgiving, I'm looking for a ski that will push me to be better across the board.

FISCHER RX Cold Heat freeride skis 2008
Dynastar Legend 8000 freeride skis 2007

Are what I've found that I'm interested in, I dont think the Cold Heat will give me the performance in the park and off drops/jumps I'm looking for and the Dynastars will be enough on the rest of the hill, am I wrong? Any suggestions will help a lot, thanks.

Conn 27-12-08 10:46 PM

Scott Punishers or Line Prophet. Don't look at anything else.

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