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Youngspanion 02-02-09 12:48 AM

Avoiding cold clammy feet.
What can I do to avoid getting cold clammy feet while I ski in Colorado. Yes I am fairly new to skiing.

thank you


nycskier 02-02-09 03:31 PM

I always bring a change of socks for afterwards. My feet always get cold and clammy after I take off my boots. The worst is having to do a long car ride home from the mountain with wet feet.

Youngspanion 02-02-09 03:52 PM

What about socks? Are there certain kinds for a more comfortable experience? Are there kinds that should be avoided?

Teddyo 04-02-09 03:24 AM

Yes, you need socks that wick. Generally wear one pair of socks to the mountain then switch into dry socks when you put on your ski boots.

holysweater 25-12-10 07:25 AM

I find that pubic hair socks work the best, dont weave it too thick, or it wont breathe enough. Another good idea is to wash the pubic hair with some non-scented shampoo prior to weaving.

Andy B. 27-12-10 09:30 PM

that's a goody , hadn't thought of that one P.H.Socks !!
say hoy do ya thread the needle ?? :D

I was going to suggest Steve stays in the sack with his g/friend & a stack of Warren Miller Ski movies, that will keep his "pinkies" dry. ;)

daleintampa 01-01-11 05:27 AM

Walmart sells the socks you need. They repel moisture. They come with two pair. They are inner liner socks so put these on then a normal pair. They are Awesome.

Andy B. 03-01-11 06:40 AM

What the Pubic Hair socks ???

What colours do they come in ?

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