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renoski 13-02-09 06:45 AM

Snowboarding sucks
im sorry but it is true

RichH 16-02-09 04:42 AM

Why's that renoski?

How many days have you boarded? It was definately hard work for the first couple of days.

snowfreaks 27-04-09 11:46 AM

Why do you think so renoski? I'm a big fan of the sport and honestly I don't like it when people disses it without even saying why. Just because you suck at the sport doesn't necessarily mean that the sport does.

ruiNz 03-05-09 02:29 AM

man first time i ever boarded was 2 years ago, got a board and bindings for x-mas, tried 2 days, 1st day i had a lesson and fell so many times i felt like i had just gotten my behind beat by chuck liddell, 2nd day i "thought" i had the general idea and hit a green run long story short i ended up with a straight line of a bruise across my rear end from my board flying up and smacking me and bruised ribs and scrapes across my chin, i give snowboarders credit because i simply do not have the patience for it, i did go again and can make it down the hill without taking to bad of a beating.. but i got into skiing and took hold of it real fast and think it is the greatest thing ever, but props to snowboarders.

esguitar 27-08-09 01:22 PM


princesoulglo 01-09-09 03:59 PM

haha. its the classic battle between skier and snowboarder. and they both get so defensive

salami 17-09-09 09:43 PM

...that's hilarious renoski...and all who responded thus far...I came from skis and crossed over to boarding and haven't looked back.

I concur tho ruiNZ; I spent so much time on my *#&$ the first day, then it got better the second day and by the third day I was somewhat comfortable. Each time I go riding now, it gets better and better...

One simply has to "want it" pretty they say, no pain no gain, right?...haha

Much love....


snowboardbitch 03-10-09 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by renoski (Post 4378)
im sorry but it is true

why d'you say that? have you done it often?

ferrethead 07-12-09 09:57 AM

So not true - i am going with a group of friends in a few months skiiing but thinking or doing snowboarding instead - i reckon it would be so much more fun. Also will prob get slated here (i dont know as have never done it) people tell me that you have to have much more skill to snowboard as skiing is much easier. Also snowboarders look so much cooler than skiiers, sorry but thats true!

Travelchick 29-01-10 04:52 PM


PowderJunkie 13-02-10 12:02 AM

stop hating

Phyllis_20 08-03-10 02:22 PM

Its sucks a lot my former BF used to like snowboarding and we always kept fighting because of rivalry

ddetermined 23-09-10 09:37 PM

you are probably not good at it lol

Andy B. 10-11-10 09:42 AM

Each to their own, my daughter went to "The Dark Side" a few years ago then decided to lead 2 of her cousins astray this season.
I say, if it works for you, great! But personally I will keep my stixs.

Have a Good One. :cool:

larry.mitchell 27-11-10 08:47 PM

Personally I have felt there is no difference, ski or snowboard it does not matter which you choose, your still going to fall on your bum ... It is all about having fun, right ?

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