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Pwdr87 18-02-09 08:02 PM

Where is your favorite place to ski? Favorite piece of equipment to use?
Anywhere in Vail for me...and right now, besides my skis I would go with my VholdR cam

driven1 19-02-09 07:14 PM

How about Steamboat? How can you beat the tree skiing there?


Boyzee 20-02-09 07:51 PM

To be honest anywhere with good snow gets my vote so it depends on how lucky you are with the weather. Iíve just got back from La Plagne, France and we had fresh powder so the off-piste was brill but some years it can be just hard packed, skied out. I guess you yanks are more accustomed to fresh powder every time than us Brits.

My favourite piece of ski equipment is probably my balaclava which keeps my bald head nice and warm!! :)

Pwdr87 20-02-09 09:26 PM

Utah always has good ski as well...theres resorts all over the place but nothin beats fresh powder

sleepyme 08-04-09 05:17 AM

Homewoods is the best place to ski for me.
Because the place is really cool.

utahpowder 14-04-09 06:19 PM

Utah has the best skiing I've ever experienced. The snow is the best. I live in Salt Lake City and there are 7 ski resorts within an hour of my house. Utah Travel Connection does package deals to any of the resorts.

aajanice 15-04-09 04:54 AM

I'm not flagging my place but for me Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to ski, you can check photos and some information on my signature, I highly recommend to make Lake Tahoe as one of your ski destinations.

flagstaffskihaus 07-08-09 05:58 PM

All are great given good conditions. My home Mt is the Arizona Snowbowl so that gets my vote. It's scenic, the price is right, and it's getting major improvements over the next 2 years. For equipment, if it's nice snow I'm on a Burton Snowboard with Burton Boots and Bindings, if it's a little icy I'll ski and am not picky...I like any shaped ski in my length.

holmes_law 25-08-09 02:30 PM

Cant go wrong out west at Mt Hood in the middle of the summer..

skiingnow09 16-11-09 11:05 PM

How about Red Mountain in Rossland British Columbia or White Water in Nelson British Columbia, These are 2 amamzing places with a great ski vib and ZERO crowds. Red get about 25 feet a year and White Water about 45 to 50

tepelitoygar 24-11-09 10:09 AM

home home sweet home! Aladaglar

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