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TheRadCactus 12-07-09 02:25 AM

Florida Boy
Hey folks, Rad Cactus here. I'm a Floridian with roots in Washington State and Louisiana, and I've been skiing since February 2005. I've only spent 15 days on-mountain since then, but I've taken to the sport pretty quickly (I don't feel too conceited saying so; skiing is the ONLY sport I'm good at. Good thing I live in a subtropical state, right? :cool:). Anyway, I still don't know jack about equipment, terminology, or any technical information, but hopefully these forums can fix that before my next trip, whenever that may be.

As far as non-ski-related information goes, I'm a junior at the University of Florida, a film/english major, a loyal follower of the Gainesville music scene (Gainesville Rock City!), and an amateur vinyl record pseudo-collector. These distractions are direct results of the criminal lack of snow in the Deep South :D

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