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mushwars 19-07-09 05:11 PM

New Skis, New Fun
Ello all. I'm your friendly neighborhood server and computer guy. If you have questions about anything computers ask me. I do a little of everything, photoshop, music composing, theme creating, server running. If you can think of a server that would make a better place let me know. I was thinking about setting up a communal blog, but seeing as there is a forum, we can make a category for blogs. My favorite things are Stargate (tv show) , computer games (bioshock, left for dead, starwars KOTOR, flight simulator (dos to 2004) tomb raider(s), Need for speed, Mass Effect, and MANY old games from like 1995). I love music and I sing. I was in the college chamber choir for 2 years. I had done chamber all through high school. My favorite food is lasagna. I spend most of my time cycling. I like anything science fiction. I like books, and I read alot. I hate clothes and never buy new ones... except for cycling clothes. I have a POS camera, but I can still take pictures. I work construction building scenery for my colleges theater. I have 2 cats, both black, a male, frodo, and a female, anna. At any rate thats all I can think of about me. I just bought a summer special on some skis. I got them for a really good price IMO for kevlar and carbon skis. They are cross skis, I have yet to figure out what they are for. I bought some boots but they dont fit in the bindings. They are too small I think. If you have any thoughts as what to do I would appreciate the help. Looking forward to Interacting with you all.

gSki 22-07-09 12:49 PM

Welcome to the site, glad to have you here :)

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