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btsk18 10-11-09 02:26 AM

Snow Making in backyard
This season I have been wanting to build some sort of box in my backyard. I have a couple of problems. One is I don't have a hill, so i would have to build a drop in, and the other is snow. Where I live we only get a couple inches of snow not very often. I have thought of buying a snow maker but not sure how to go about it. The one I am considering buying is at sn snowmaking Can someone please give me some help and details.

kevcinma 10-11-09 06:10 PM

Can't tell whether you really want help or to sell the snow maker. You should direct people that click on the URL to go to your website before the affiliate page. Anyway that thing looks pretty cool. As far as a hill it depends on where you live. Do you have access to hay bales? Make a pile of them then lay some plywood on them and bang there's your hill. Building a hill with wood would be time consuming but you could get your pitch perfect to how you want it. I actually pile snow up against a fence at the top of a stair case in my yard and it works great. most winters I get enough real stuff.

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