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sparky 22-04-06 05:57 PM

Moving from Skiing to snowboarding

I am a competent skier and am looking to take up snowboarding. Just wondering if there is a major diference in the skills required and what advice would you offer someone making the change?

Michael 06-05-06 05:42 PM

I think there is a big difference in the different sports. But if you have skiied before you will have more confidence than a beginner snowboarder. The main difference is that snowboarders can go both ways ;) The main advice I would give is to get a snowboarding instruction and be carefull!

TomC 13-05-06 10:54 AM

I think the basic skills are quite the same and that if you have been skiing before and then want to take up snowboarding you will be more confident!

Even though I am not a big snowboarding fan I would also love to try it some day!

ebittner 14-05-06 06:59 AM

I would have to say there is a big difference because you are going sideways. I started as a snowboarder so skining was easy for me.

Deep 22-05-06 07:21 PM

hmm.. I was thinking of trying this, everyone that I have seen snowboarded have said it is harder and I have always wanted to try it. Maybe I should do this on my next trip.

Adam 28-01-08 11:14 PM

Definitely get yourself some instruction and possibly some pads!

Its not a very painful sport but you do fall quite a bit in the first few days while you gain your balance!

Oh and make sure your trousers are waterproof or goretex.

mortabunt 02-11-08 04:50 PM

I tried snowboarding once. I was the only one in the class to figure out how to stay up on the first day.

RichH 02-11-08 06:33 PM

I'm an intermediate skier that started snowboarding a few years back to try it out. I now probably snowboard 1 day in 4 when I'm on the slopes.

The way I learnt was I had a 2 hour 2-on-1 lesson with an instructor. By the end of that I knew the basics and just needed to practice. The day I learnt there was two inches of powder on top of a good base. That made it a lot easier (and less painful) than it would have been on hard, packed man made snow. A personal lesson made a big difference - the other guy that had the lesson with me said he'd had a 4 hour group lesson before and learnt very little. After the private lesson we were both up and going.

I'd say the first day of boarding is a lot harder than the first day of skiing, but after that you'll find you get the hang of it very quickly.

Being familiar with moving on snow, reading the terrain and chairlifts are all definitely good things. It is a very different feeling though. It like going from driving a car to riding a motorbike.

ExtremeDoritos1 23-01-09 05:16 PM

I switched from skiing to snowboarding when I was 15 (been boarding for 10 years) and it was initially rough. The first 4 hours I couldn't stay up for more than 10 seconds, it was so frustrating (and a bit embarassing). It was strange though becuase (just like my instrcutor said) all of a sudden everything just clicked. It was like my body all of a sudden figured out what I was trying to do. I've taken my lumps over the years but it's been so rewarding. I feel that the transition between the two doesn't have to be as hard as it was for me, but to all that are looking to make the swtich, realize that you have to work at it, and will take your lumps along the way. Good luck!

Pwdr87 28-01-09 08:17 PM

I also switched to a board and had a pretty rough transition...once I figured it out it was just sort of a feel I almost prefer my board to skiing...every I actually havent skied in a while...I used to film videos of myself skiing with my VholdR helmet cam and its def more exciting on a board...i dont know if its the rush or the footage i get but i love boarding now...just take time and you will get it..til then ride on

ExtremeDoritos1 04-02-09 05:01 AM

where did you get the VholdR at? got any vids I could see? are there any other cameras out there?

Pwdr87 06-02-09 09:00 PM

i got it on their website... they just dropped their price though to like $279..look around and you can find it for pretty cheap...maybe amazon?

go to and you will find lots of user vids which is cool...thats what made me wanna buy it... i checked out the GoPro but liked the VholdR better cause the quality is much better...let me knwo what you think

ExtremeDoritos1 09-02-09 08:12 PM

yea...i saw that...i love some of the videos on their site...they had some of dudes jumping out of a hot air balloon and parachuting...some of some people on boards too..pretty sick


Don't give up

Originally Posted by sparky (Post 1089)

i am a competent skier and am looking to take up snowboarding. Just wondering if there is a major diference in the skills required and what advice would you offer someone making the change?

i have skiied for 12 years.. And switched over.. And never looked back :p

pick a good powder day.

Take a lesson... Very important.. Don't go at it alone.
And definetely don't let your friends let you begin ...
Anywhere except the bunny hill
see if you can get one of those beginner learn to snowboard packages.. They are cheaper than individual lessons and usually include the rental

it will be hard. At first... But the rewards.. Are fantastic.

Big .. Benefit.. Once you get it.. Usually after 3-4 times.. The learning curve is much faster.

Wear wristguards.. And volleyball pads on your will help soooo much,, plus give you added confidence once you really start moving.

skiurlaub 03-04-09 04:46 PM

To me there is a big difference. When I tried snowboarding after years of skiing it took me a week to get used to skiing on one board instead of two.

If you are used to skateboarding though or water skiing withonly one ski, it should not be that big of a deal

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