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kendallr 04-03-10 12:55 PM

Liberty Helix vs Rossignol S6
Hey Guys,

New to the forum and just recently broke my Line Prophet 100s :(

I have been researching some new skis that are similar to my lines and have narrowed it down to the Liberty Helix and Rossignol S6. The lines were 179 length and turned at a radius of 17.2. Absolutely loved those skis! Brought them to Alaska last year and they handled great! I skis mostly in VT (being that I'm from Boston) and love skiing the glades, but need something that will be decent on the groomers.... The Lines were the perfect ski for me, but its time for a change.

So I'm looking at....

The 176 Liberty Helix which is supposed to turn at a 22 radius.
I like the length because its similar to the Lines and would be nice in the woods.
I'm a little nervous about the radius being about 5 meters larger than the lines, but I heard they are a different beast due to the bamboo and the amount of pop they have.

And the 174 Rossignol S6 which is supposed to turn at a 19.4 radius.
Again I like the length due to the woods riding and this radius seems a to be more similar to the Lines.

Any input would be great on this subject!


durty chuck 13-10-10 01:56 AM

i like the new liberty skis and got a pair of the new morphic 181's to have some fun with this season!

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