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hotwhtpr 08-03-10 02:43 AM

Moving and work advice CT to CO
Hi, I am early 30's and I am a very experienced fine dining server and would like to work in a top tier restaurant. am planning to move out to CO from CT. I have recently had broken up with who I thought was my soulmate and want to follow my dreams of being a ski bum. My first instinct was Vail or Aspen for the many high class restaurant job opportunities plus best skiing? I pay about 1000 dollars for a 1 br condo a month now and could go up a little if needed. West or East Vale looked afforfable. I also liked the idea of Boulder in case I decided to finish school. I dont know have any local knowledge. Am I wrong in my thinking. Suggestions please. I would like to live as close as I can to the mountain and my job.

Could someone also tell me if its hard to get a good serving job there. Any particular restaurants I should look at or places or condos I should live in.

I would appreciate any other suggestions or opinions on what I was thinking. I am very open to anything, any other areas as well. Any other ideas, please feel free to add.

Thank you very much!

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