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Downhillnow 28-03-10 11:45 PM

Ski Tester 2011
Hi. I've just returned home from testing the 2011 skis for SkiPress at Mt Ste Anne, QC. What an awesome opportunity. We had all types of skiing conditions, even fresh powder paired with all types of skis. It was 3 days of hard testing, averaging 9 pairs of skis per day. Has anyone ever done this before? If you get the chance go for it, it was a great time. I hope I get to do it next year.

powder7 13-04-10 06:19 PM

It's a great opportunity to learn about what the industry has in store for us during the upcoming season. Gets you stoked on all of the new technologies. Which skis did you like the best?

Downhillnow 14-04-10 12:44 PM

Head's "Every one" was a good ride, nothing to complain about. The new Kastle's tested well across the board. Wide and short waist's were always solid. The reverse camber Rossignol's kept things interesting and would be a good buy if you were looking for a "different" ski.

I did enjoy Volkl's Estrella, skied very simillar to the head's and would be a solid ski.

I'm not a fan of the women's ski graphics. One company had the nerve to put ballet dancers, hearts and stars on their top sheet. Most women who can rip, don't need or want these tacky, cleche images on their skis.

SkiAssistant 08-08-10 05:06 PM

That sounds amazing! How did you get into that? I would love to get involved in somethig like that.

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