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Andy B. 09-10-10 04:12 AM

Another New Talk Ski member!
Hi All,
Yes, I have just joined. Not being a techo I find a lot of this 21st centery stuff a bit daunting, anyway here goes.
I started skiing in the early 70's (age 10) but then had a long, long break ,(24 yrs) and didn't get back into it till 2003. I have been making up for lost time ever since. One of my friends said, "your not just interested in the sport, your Obsessed!".
Anyway, Thredbo (Aust) is the normal playground, also skied at Preshier, Mt Buller, & Hotham.
Am heading on my first O/S ski jaunt this coming Jan-Feb to Whistler & Fernie, and I would be glad to hear any helpful tips etc, from those of you who have travelled more than I.
Would also be happy to hear from anyone going to the same spots and like some company too.

durty chuck 13-10-10 02:04 AM

cheers andrew!

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