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rbar 26-12-10 03:00 AM

Rocker Ski
Head a ski lesson in Colorado and my instructor told me that Rocker Skis are making things much easier on all types of snow, a change comparable with the introduction of shaped skis (replacing straight ones) in the 90s. Did not have a chance to rent those yet, but in one store, the owner said that they are good for powder but all in all not that great of a difference.

Anyone made any experiences? I am an intermediate skier mostly skiing on groomed runs, and mostly in the rockies ... should I give those a try??

kabre22 12-01-11 03:07 PM

I have been doing some research on this as well. From what I read, it appears that the rocker technology has more benefit on powder than it does on groomed runs. But now there are different rocker options out there. There's a full rocker, which is only ideal for powder, since it is a true revere camber. Other options for all mountain skis are all forms of the basic camber design with a rocker on the front and/or the back tips... essentially raising them up a little more than pre-rocker skis.

I beleieve this helps to bring the contact edge of the front of the ski further back toward you foot.. Essentially making it turn like a short ski, for more control. Also, the raised tip allows you to go over more variations in terrain without getting your tips buried. I really want to try them.... And I think they will help in all conditions, but I imagine the more you ski groomed or hard pack, the less difference you'll notice.

Hope this helps

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