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cowmon2 27-12-10 01:50 PM

New from NY
Hey hows it going im new to the forum...Im from Long Island NY...ive been skiing for 27 years (with some breaks for a couple years in the middle) mostly hand on the harder blues and blacks and occasionally hit the doubles if the bumps are limited (knees cant handle it anymore)

Andy B. 27-12-10 10:03 PM

Good to have you on board, Cowmon2,

Yes the "old knee" syndrome, gee can't we all relate to that one, if your over 40 (hope I have have not caused any offenence - yes of course YOU ARE 21 at the Most 25 !!! )

When I am at the snow, I dream of waking up with new set of knees every morning !
But hey the idea is to enjoy ourseleves, we don't have to prove nuthin' - that's for the youngíns !
And we can appreciate our coffee a little more too!

Have a good one.
The Ice-Cutter

cowmon2 27-12-10 11:24 PM

actually scary thing is im 30 lol but its all good... been skiing since right before my 3rd birthday...just destroyed my knees from years of soccer, rugby, hockey, etc...but yeah i just enjoy riding so i push myself but not beyond what i know i can handle afterall not racing just having fun

Andy B. 29-01-11 05:51 AM

Bit of a postscript, for me on the above.
I have been over here in Whistler-Blackcomb for 7 days now & have another 3 to go.
i just can't believe the size of this resort & length of the runs , massive in comparsion to Oz. I am probably not skiing as hard / fast as I would at home, but I have to stop a lot to just check that I am still on the same trail as I thought I was!
The knees are getting a rest from that!

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