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concretejungle 18-01-11 10:30 AM

Ski property listings websites
Hey all,

My father has a property he likes to rent out during the ski season (1 bed apartment in Borovets, Bulgaria) and he's given me the task of finding a few websites that he could advertise it on. However, I know nothing of the ski property listings world and so was wondering if anyone on here could so kind as to recommend a few sites that they've either used before or have heard good things about.

My father used chaletsdirect & chaletfinder last year and wants to find sites that offer a similar service but for a fairer price. Would anybody know of any such sites?

Also, I hope I've posted in the correct area of the forum, if not then I hope it isn't too much hassle for one of the mods will move this.



erapo 13-12-11 03:58 PM

Chalet Finder
If you want ot list your ski apartment, check:

thesnowtraveller 27-06-12 02:01 PM

Hello there ,

Try , new site very fresh and easy to use!

otisdelarosa 12-07-12 05:51 AM

Try Craiglist :D

snowlow 21-09-12 09:48 PM

you should also try and try to gain US travelers. They are brand new and just launched in Park City, Utah USA. We just booked our trip on their site.

theskibug 26-02-16 08:38 AM

Any ideas for selling ski property? We have a house for sale in southern Austria, near ski-ing. Got it on the usual classifieds (mainly UK but also for other European countries) and eBay etc. Most sites charge stupid amounts to list though. Or are only for agents.

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