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Wosh 17-05-11 05:29 PM

Subject: Research project: Skiing without snow

I am doing a major research project for my final year of industrial design which will ultimately end up as an actual product which reflects my findings.

My focus is on skiing in the off-season or in an environment where snow is not accessible ie Australia during the Summer time.

I would like to start a discussion between everyone here about the prospects of skiing.

What is it about skiing that you enjoy? Why do you ski? Where do you ski? What is your favourite terrain? What discipline do you practice? Do you ski for leisure, sport/competition, transport/work?

Where in the off season do you ski?

Also, I would like to understand people's thoughts on the differences between skiing and snowboarding. Is there a prejudice against skiers? Against snowboarders? What makes either 'cool'?

Thank you very much for your input

Andy B. 06-06-11 10:53 AM

Skiing in Oz ? ................... Where do you want me to start ?
Thredbo is where I do most of my skiing, through used to be Preshier Valley, have also done Mt. Buller & Hotham (both in Victoria).
Conditions are different to Nth-America , snow depth no where near as deep, also heavy use of "man-made" snow (in recent times) . the season is shorter, & one tends to get used to skiing in all conditions.
Why do I ski - One Needs to Live !I think there is a bit of friendly jostling / ribbing between skiers & snowboarders. Myself I will stick to skis, but if you wanta become a "chookfooter" that's okay too. the rule in our family is , You have to ski till your 12, than you can do the Fleetwood Mac thing, i.e. go your own way!

Happy to clarify & answers, or if you have any more questions.

ski-till-i-die 24-06-11 02:24 PM

I think both skiers and snowboarders are "cool" i think its just an on-mountain rival that the others are better riders, just my opinion, i've noticed most people are chill on the mountain in general,

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