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BBJane 19-06-11 05:05 AM

$182 Jackson Hole "Mountain Money" GC for sale/trade
Hey ski people! I am not a skier, but won this in a contest from a beer company. :) It's good for lift tickets, at the "Hole in the Wall" snowboard shop, activity center, kids ranch, sports school, ticket office and JH Sports and JH Sports junior. You can read more about Jackson Hole Mountain Money if you Google it. Pretty much like a mall GC where you can spend it at many places in the same area. It's a hard gift card that you just slide like a credit card at these locations. It has $182 preloaded.

I don't need any ski equip or anything, but would consider a trade for other types of GCs or a fair to middlin' PayPal offer. :) Let me know what you've got!


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