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LostAtSKI 08-11-11 04:01 PM

Skiing EVERY state in America - Ski Documentary
Hey everyone, this winter I'm going to be skiing in every state in America with a ski resort. We'll be filming a documentary and I'd like to get ski and snowboard fans involved.

Take a look at our website - and join us on Twitter - @LostAtSKI

We are looking for advice about all the resorts we'll be hitting and would love to meet some ski & snowboard fans on the way. Come join the journey and perhaps have a part in the film!

karenmcgraw 21-11-11 08:00 AM

This would be a lot of fun wish I could have all the free time and money to do this kind of adventure well I'm pretty sure would be quite useful on your adventure since this site contains information about several ski resorts in America

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