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Torchracing 09-12-11 10:40 PM

Intro and question

hey guys. some of you might know me from bmx-forum. i'm not new to skiing but i'm not super great either. i sorta needed something to do during the winter so i got my self some elans at a garage sale for only ten bucks. my dad gave me his boots. i'm hoping to get into freestyle and learn some cool new ways to hurt myself. i have a question that has been bugging me for a while. why have rear entry boots become obsolete? i dont know about you guys but every single pair of front entry boots i have ever rented are horribly uncomfortable and my toes get bitter cold. then i but on my dads soloman sx70s and they are like a dream. my dad got them when they were top of the line a long time ago.
and i have another question. how do i go about moving my bindings wider so i can get this boot in them. i'll post a pic and model of the skis i have as well as the bindings later. i cant right now because i'm at school.

please dont tell me "oh just get new boots" or "those skis are trash buy new ones" because i am genuinly broke. thanks

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