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Norwest 12-12-11 08:30 PM

Line Prophet 98 sizing help needed

I currently ski 185 cm K2 Shucksan skiis (114 78 105) set up for AT skiing. As my 5 yr old son is skiing alpine now I am buying new skis and boots soley for lift service skiing. After reading up and asking around I am considering getting Line Prophet 98 skiis. Based on my hight 5' 9" the 172 cm length has been suggested. As I am stocky(fat:P) @210 lbs and a more aggressive skiier one shop suggested the 179 cm size. I predominantly ski the Pacific Nortwest with its heavier chunky snow and like to ski the trees. When I ski the groomers I do like to ski fast and in control so I am thinking of going with the longer 179 size. Can someone who has skiied these or similar skiis provide some pros and cons for going a bit longer (eg 179 cm)? I grew up skiing 205 cm GS skiis so I am a bit paraniod about going too short with today's new fangled skiis.

Thanks, Thomas

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