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Scuderia 02-01-13 11:32 PM

Salomon Axendo 9 (maybe 1998) suitable for a beginner?
So I was recently given a "Ski in a day" course on one of those indoor snow slopes and I'm totally hooked. Given that I've only skied for six hours or so, I'm still very much a beginner and only just started some parralell turns instead of the knee destroying snowplough turns before my lesson was up.

Today I picked up some Salomon Axendo 9 skis with Salomon 850 bindings, a hard wheelie case and poles for 20. I didn't know too much about them but I figured that I'd probably pay that much for the hard case alone so I may aswell take them.

I'm quite keen to get in some more ski time on the indoor slopes and hopefully go away for the end of this season or early next season. Would I be able to get by on these skis or would I have to get something else? They're pretty long at 180cms (I'm only 180cms tall) but they seem like they're in reasonable condition--edges are relatively sharp with only a few spots of surface rust that brushed off and the plastic underneath doesn't have any big gashes.

If these are totally unsuitable, is there anything else that would suit? I'd ideally not spend anything morre than 50 or so on a secondhand pair at this stage. I'd rather save the money and buy some decent boots.

Thanks in advance for your help!:)

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