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Colorado Ski Authori 14-04-14 06:29 PM

Colorado guy in DC
Hey all--I'm new to talkski, but been skiing since I was 5 (now 37). I used to live in Denver, but moved to DC 3 years ago. I would like to tell you that I skied 30+ days every season when I was out there, but the last two years I skied a total of 2 days. The next to last year just didn't have any snow, and the last year the traffic had gotten so bad that it just wasn't worth it after a long week of work.

But, fortunately I got to ski 6 days in Colorado this year at 5 different hills, four of which I'd never skied before. So things are looking up.

If anyone on here lives close to DC and wants to try out Snowshoe--or has advice about it--talk to me.



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