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wickers 01-12-06 11:06 AM

Snowblades - Non release bindings
Hi all,
new member and this is also my first posting, I am now over fifty and have been skiing for about thirty years, In the last couple of years I have been thinking about doing another ski discipline did not fancy snowbording or cross country so I decided to buy a pair of snowblades ( perhaps its my mid life crises ). So I am now a proud owner of a new pair of blades ,I was in my garage preping the blades for use ( when of course europe gets some snow) when I thought I would try and fit one of my boots into the non release binding. Well, I can not work out how to fit the boots into the binding, any one out have any advice or know of a helpful web site.

Michael 02-12-06 12:31 PM

Hmm I would be no expert at snowblades but it should be a simple enough procedure because we used to switch the blades between numerous people and never had any problems. Did any instructions come with the blades? Maybe you could wait until you go skiing and then call into a shop to ask them, or you could do it in Norwich.

TomC 22-01-07 10:01 AM

Did you get your blades sorted out? I hope you did in time for your skiing trip as they can be great fun on the mountain!

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