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HostBidder 18-03-05 03:57 PM

I had my first decent fall
I had my first decent fall on my second day skiing this year - my second time skiing. I was on a very steep red run and was out of my depth. Managed to fall backwards bang my head and give myself a bit of a whiplash injury round the neck. All's well now and it didn't stop me skiing for the rest of the week. About time I had a decent fall, although I should say it damaged my confidence for the next few days' skiing.

Michael 18-03-05 08:50 PM

Yes, It's not nice to fall but I suppose if you fall it will stop you from going so fast. I have had a few nasty falls myself...

gamesector 02-05-05 12:44 PM

I haven't had a bad fall as of yet, just the odd tumble now and again. I am always wary of falling though, so I try not to get over confident.

Michael 05-05-05 07:59 PM

It can also be quite funny to see others who are 'over confident' fall ;)

TomC 30-08-05 11:37 PM

I recently saw some videos on those extreme sports channels of ski falls. It looks nasty, the problem is that sometimes you just can't stop once you get into a tumble.

NumBa1Stunna516 02-09-05 02:23 AM

Good to hear that you got right back up and kept going. I never had my "big fall" yet and am thankful.

ben 11-04-06 04:25 AM


I have a question, what is a red run?

I keep hearing about it but frankly I really dont know what it is..

The only runs that I have heard about are -

Double Blue
Double Black
and then the extremely hard Black

Michael 11-04-06 12:35 PM

The way the runs are "graded" is different in American and Europe. It goes like this in europe:


In some resorts there may be Black runs that are marked as very difficult but are still called black runs.

Hope it helps..

sparky 22-04-06 06:26 PM

Ive only ever had one injury from skiing and that was some mild whiplash.

Has anyone who is a regular skiier never had an injury? They are very lucky if they havent :)

ebittner 13-05-06 05:03 AM

That sounds really bad I hope by now a few months later you are doing better becasue that sounds really bad I have never really hit my head.

Michael 13-05-06 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by ebittner
That sounds really bad I hope by now a few months later you are doing better becasue that sounds really bad I have never really hit my head.

Hitting your head can be extremely dangerous, if you hit it the wrong way that could be you gone.

Deep 22-05-06 07:12 PM

yeah although skiiing can be fun but if you go beyond your range, it can be deadly your lucky you didnt get hurt worse especially since you got hit in the head.

Line101 18-01-08 11:10 PM

ya the worst injury i have ever head is i partially tore my acl and had to have surgery to repair it.

Adam 19-01-08 12:27 PM

Im glad I bought a helmet this year.
It ended up saving me from a sure trip to the emergency room two days after.

johannes 26-01-08 04:42 PM

my first really bad fall in 26 years of skiing, i've fallen countless times never did more than scrape my nose with googles or skier's thumb, this time i broke my shoulder blade which i found out is rare and difficult and 33% of peeps with this injury die from the shock, nice thoughts huh? tigersharks wow! but look at my other post about being hurt on tigersharks

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