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Zacob 09-01-08 05:57 PM

HELP BUSTED K2 Mt Baker 167
Hey folks..I am fairly new to skiing and I just got taken advantage of in a Craig’s list purchase. I bought a pair of Mt bakers size 167 I believe they are 06/07 model year. Anyway the skis looked to be in good condition when i purchased them. When I took them to the shop to get mounted with my AT bindings I was informed that one of the skis was bent and bent badly. The jerk who sold them to me of course has disappeared. So I can't beat the crap out of him or get my money back..:mad: his craigslist post basicaly said they had only been skied a week and showed some top sheet scratches...

anyway I figured in a group like this there is someone out there who has a pair of K2 Mt bakers they have trashed out or no longer use and wouldn't mind off loading to a newbie who has pretty much blown his budget for the year getting bindings and skis.

so is there anyone out there who is in more or less the same boat as me with one busted ski and one good ski. That wouldn't mind off loading the good ski on me? I will pay shipping or meet you if you’re the Denver area. I can pay a little bit as I said my budget was already blow…

kawake 25-02-09 10:39 PM

Just ski one one ski

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