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johannes 26-01-08 04:33 PM

anyone else hurt on volkl tigersharks?
i got f'd up on these, the skiis are great but the bindings lowered themselves all differently from my initial settibng of 10. i set them at this level the night before, skied half the day with the power switch off, then turned them on, 2/3 of a run, best run of my life they are bananas. but i got launched out of them, in a perfect turn, they released me right out in the other direction, broke my scapula. the funny thing is ski patrol noticed the weird din settings and the only other dude in first aid with me had just had an accident on the same skiis, his dins were all messed up. anyone have similar exp on tigers or another ski using the IPT motion from marker. we need to look into this, my buddy who was skiing behind me said there was no reason for what happened, the skiis continued theior turn with out me and stopped in the middle of the trail, i was woods bound, closest call of my life by a long shot. pulverized my shoulder blade...
hit me up guy and gals.
enjoy your season, i'll be on the sidelines for a while cheering for all you animals
love & snow

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