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sgauvreau 09-02-08 04:21 AM

Hello from Ottawa, Canada
Hello! Recently got back into skiing after a 13 year hiatus.

This season I've been skiing on a friends old pair of 180cm Head Mt-15s. They're way too long for my liking and carving in them is a constant fight, but they're free so I put up with them.

That is until today when I asked my boss if he had any skis left over from any group sales that would be good for me (I work for an outfitter) Turns out he had 2 pairs. 1 pair of Black Diamond Stigmas and 1 pair of Atomic Kongurs. The BDs look great but they're really really wide. The other pairs we sold were taken touring out in BC. The Atomics were 161cm, which is a lot shorter than the 180s I've been using, which is great. Also I like the width. So I am going to be taking those off his hands.

I am happy to be back into skiing and glad to be getting onto a good pair of skis.

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