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swoosh 26-09-05 09:04 PM

Long or Short

i'm going to buy new ski's this year but i don't know what to buy long or short ski's
i'm a very experienced skier but i'm only 1.60m so i probably need 1.50 ski's but i'm thinking of buying bigger ones because i can make more speed with it and i can use them longer. but smaller ski's are easier for the forest and off-piste. so i want to know what you guys recommend me. last year i tried my dad's skis 1.70 and i could ski with it very well on red piste but when we went off-piste i stucked between every tree etc.
so could you guys pleas give me advise

kind regards.

btw. i don't like carve ski's ;)

Michael 26-09-05 09:07 PM

What Skis are you using at the moment? Do you do much off- piste skiing?

swoosh 26-09-05 09:09 PM

I'm skiing about 50% of the time off-piste and i think i have 1.30 atm but i don't know sure i got these ski's for about 3 years and i'm still growing so. I think i'll go short ski's because i can turn easier with it and i LOVE to do off-piste.

Michael 26-09-05 09:31 PM

Pick the middle number... Skis that are short but not too short but will still give you a bit of speed :D

swoosh 27-09-05 05:40 AM

yeah i think i'll pick them but i ask in the shop if they have ski's good for me, the people that run the shop always go with us on vacation so they know what i can.

Superteddy 11-01-06 10:21 PM

I have always used skies that are smaller then me. I asked a friend of mine that workes in a sporting store and he told me that when he gets asked this question he always tells people to get skies that are smaller or equal height.

Jonnerz 12-01-06 04:33 PM

Yeah, I got skis that are a small bit smaller than me too, they seem just right.

Abyss 19-04-06 10:54 PM

I prefer smaller ones, easier to navigate through terrain with no worrys of skidding on trees or whatever.

Michael 19-04-06 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by Abyss
I prefer smaller ones, easier to navigate through terrain with no worrys of skidding on trees or whatever.

Yes the smaller skis do have benefits but you can't gain as much speed.

Abyss 19-04-06 11:10 PM

Oh =/ I didn't know that, I'm new still.. I guess if you like going faster then bigger is better, but still wouldn't bigger making yourself go faster be more dangerous because you can catch the ends on a tree or something?

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