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dbarok 29-02-08 01:08 AM

Ski length help.
I just recently picked up a pair of volkl walls 169. Im about 5`7. Before i skied dynastar 162s. Im doing alot more park now, mostly park. I usually hit medium size jumps and rails. I was looking for a shorter ski i was original going to get the volkl ledges in 158. But these guys told me to go with the bigger ski for park. The walls are a but the shortest size is a 161. Im thinking about returning the 169s and pick up a pair of the 158' ledges, or is a longer ski better for park. Please help me. Thanks

Line101 29-02-08 01:59 AM

no who ever told you that doesnt know what they are talking about there is a eason that park skis are made shorter you want a park ski that is shorter. and powder longer and all mountain inbetween. the 158s would be fine but so would the 161s probably. as long as you arnt still growing get smaller.

dbarok 29-02-08 03:19 AM

I ride 162s right now and the 169 isnt a huge difference. The 169 would be center mounted so they are going to feel shorter. Anyone else help me with this decision. My shop only had the volkl walls in 169 left so it would either be keep the 169 i have now or go for the step down to volkl ledge 158'

danger 29-02-08 12:44 PM

well the thing is, since the walls are symmetrical, they might not feel nearly as long as another 169. i would stick with the wall, i might get a smaller but im your size and am getting like 167 invaders next year. ive ridden those size skis and didnt notice much difference

dbarok 29-02-08 10:21 PM

I apreciate the help, does anyone else have some advice. Im starting to feel like these are to long. I love the walls but if i wanted to go smaller i would have to get ledges. My shop dosnt have the walls in 161. Help please.

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